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  • Aegis Bleu is working to develop a new tool to conform to the 2010 standards for Federal Buildings.  In the next 60 days, VASST for Federal Buildings will be available for purchase so any Federal Agency that must meet the three or five year assessment criterion. Federal agencies will be able to determine their Security Level and complete an assessment of the 80 security criterion.  With VASST, you are able to use any type of electronic mobile device to complete a site survey of your facility, generate a report automatically, track deficiencies and improvements, and analyze metrics. This process will reduce the assessment and reporting time by days and hours.  For a demo of VASST please contact Daniel R. Young, MBA, MS at dyoung@aegisbleu.com or feel free to sign up for a 30 day trial on our website at www.aegisbleu.com.
  • Aegis Bleu launched Avert, a Healthcare Safety Assessment, in November 2012 to assist healthcare facilities in completing their safety assessment rounds. Joint Commission and American Osteopathic Association (AOA) require healthcare facilities that are certified, to perform environment of care assessments bi-annually or annually depending on the facility. (more...)